Quick Ways to Grow Your Author Following on Social Media

So you’re signed up for Twitter, Facebook buy instagram followers mexico and the rest of the big social media networks — but when’s the last time you really looked at your profiles? Are they optimized to get you the readers, clients and recognition you crave? Having a strong online presence is key to success in today’s digital world, whether you’re a freelance writer or a novelist. If you want to improve your platform, social media is a good place to start.

Social Media

What is the Engagement Lifecycle of Customers

Community management is moving people through from Visitor to Lead to Customer to Engaged Customer through a series of Call to Actions. Throughout the Strategy Document should be clear the call to actions and alignment with the different market segments, at different times of their lifecycle with you. Asking newcomers buy instagram followers to introduce themselves through to Member of the week. Without this, there is no re-engagement back to the community. Look to Tourism Australia’s Fan Foto Friday and the processes there… would a newcomer post the first week?

How Do We Identify and Engage with Key Influencers?

Stop with the PR Spam already! Find the right Key Influencers for the right customer avatars and engage with them appropriately. Ensure that the various social media “owners” internally are aware of buy 1 million instagram followers the benefits of key influencer engagement (bigger take-up, social proof, faster velocity) and the dangers (negative reviews, annoyed and irritated Top Bloggers and Twitterati).

What is the Brand Voice?

Staff are often scared of posting up the wrong thing and post nothing. Which is substantially better than the Facebook admin who posts up inappropriate jokes and fluffy cat videos every 2 hours. What is your Brand Voice – are you edgy like Lynx or Virgin Airways, educational like Bunnings or a bank, evocative and fear based like Amnesty International? How do staff know what to post and what is on topic. The preceding part of the strategy will help to clarify this (purpose, values, customer avatars etc) and set the tone, topic, sentiment and so on of your Voice online.

What Campaigns and Activities?

After monitoring, creating voice and content, engaging with key influencers comes Promotion. Is a competition relevant to a health community? Would discount coupons help engagement buy arabic instagram followers cheap 1 on a Ferrari Page? Doubtful. Find the right campaigns (by listening) and create the right promotions from that interaction. Do an audit, set a baseline, create KPI’s and measure, measure, measure.

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